Nagaral ka naman ngunit bakit?


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Me during the exam, I did my best, but.

Alam mo yung feeling na ang bobo mo. nagaral ka naman, nagpuyat ngunit bakit, bakit ang baba parin or masaklap bakit bagsak pa rin. Ano nagyari? (YAN ANG FEELING KO NGAYON)

Sabi nga nila 2nd year ang pinakamahirap na year level sa medicine, hindi dahil sa mahirap na subject (MAHIRAP ANG SUBJECT) pero dahil sa sobrang daming subject at sobrang dami ng coverage ng exams (pero ang number of exams konti lang kaya mahirap bumawi). Kung nung 1st year eh madami na ang 4 na topics per exam ngayon akalain mo yun 11 na topics sa patho, 9 na topics sa micro, 5 topics sa pharma, may Physical diagnosis at surgery pa (exams sa loob ng tatlong araw, monday to wednesday).

Kung nung 1st year sa isang lingo 2 beses yung exam day, Monday tsaka thursday. Maximum of 2 subjects per day pa yun maliban nalang kung may bagyo at kailangan e compress ang schedule. Ngayon sa isang linggo 3 araw yung exam, monday, tuesday tsaka wednesday tapos maliban sa exam may class pa kayo at pasahan ng mga requiremnts gaya nalang ng pasahan ng research proposal at minsan quizzes sa ibang subject na walang exam.

Nakakapagod, gusto ko ng umiyak feeling ko naman wala din nararating ginagawa ko. Laklak ka ng kape, aral, tulog ka ng 3 oras, gising ka, kuha ka ng exam, paglabas ng exam result pagkahapon-mababa ka or worst BAGSAK ka. Tapos inom ka na naman ng kape, aral, tulog ka ng 3 oras, gising ka, kuha ka ng exam, paglabas ng exam result pagkahapon-BAGSAK na naman ulit. Paulit ulit nalang ba ito?

Kakasimula palang ng 2nd year at feeling ko ubos na ang energy ko for this year. Sobrang hirap pala. Sobrang hirap e maximize ang oras mo sa pagaaral (siyempre hindi lang naman pag aaral ang aatupagin mo, may mga bagay din na kailangan kang gawin). Makakabawi paba ako or mag LOA nalang ako.

Yan ang tumatakbo sa isipan ko till i saw this post:

Someday everything will all make perfect sense. So laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason.

Hindi sya magandang simula for me, the past one month (akalain mo isang buwan pa lang) is not a smooth sail, coz I have to do a lot of minor and major adjustment. Hopefully, I have adjusted already and knows my phasing sa pagaaral.

Kung ano man ang nakasanayan nung 1st year, na kahit a day before nalang mag aaral, or past-e nalang aaralin or kaya naman ng stock knowledge hindi na sya uubra ngayong second year and I learn it the hard way, OUCH isang malaking OUCH. Ang sakit po.

Hopefully I learned from this, and you’ll learn from me.

(Kailangan ko lang maglabas ng saloobin bago magralal ulit- GANYAN TALAGA ANG BUHAY kailangan mag move on)

Ill be updating this post for some link of inspirational materials:






75 Bible Verses That Got Me Through Med School Exams

The Glory of God is Man Fully Alive

I must confess that during exams, I sometimes find myself spending less time with God.

Tired from hours of cramming, I start getting too tired to spend time with God after a long day’s work. I begin to lose my priorities. I unintentionally pack my days so full with study that there’s no room left for him. Before I know it, my usual routine of setting aside time for the Lord each day flies out the window. It’s not an intentional decision to turn from God… but an insidious process that happens when I lose my priorities in the face of looming barrier exams.

Library (derived from Flickr (Friar's Balsam)

But every year when this happens, one particular verse comes back to me and grabs my attention. It is a famous one which has been the recurring theme of my medical school life for the last five years:

Matthew 6:33-34
Seek first his kingdom and his…

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Lake Holon- Summer 2015


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Lake Holon is situated at the peak of mount Parker in T’boli, South Cotabato 4,700 feet above sea level


From the T’boli proper your only means of transportation is a “Habal-habal” (single motorcycle that can carry 5 persons) going to Salacafe for 1 hour and 30 minutes (100/person). Salacafe serves as the receiving area for the mountaineer/tourist. You will be paying 300 pesos for the  tourist guide (1 tourist guide for 10 persons), then the entrance fee of 25 pesos (20 for the LGU and 5 pesos for seedlings) in the receiving area.


We arrived at Salacafe around 5 in the morning. After the briefing, settling of payments and a short prayer we started our trek at around 5:30 in the morning. The first stop is in Sitio Nabul almost 1 1/2 kilometers from the starting point. Here, you can order some native foods (native chicken, camote, corn etc.) to be eaten when you go down the mountain. Also it is the only place that has cellular network (both globe and smart). 


On the way to Lake Holon, you will hear birds chirping hiding in big trees.  The weather is sunny yet the temperature is cold perfect time for trekking. There are part of the terrain that is stiff. (As of 2016, there is a new trail)


We arrived at the peak of Mount Parker around 9 in the morning.

The Lake is Magical and serene , that’s the best definition I can say. It is the best place to find your inner peace.






You can go there for sightseeing or you can stay there over night. If you plan on staying for a night better bring an outdoor tent due to an unpredictable weather and thick clothes due to a cold temperature, rain may pour during noon time till afternoon. You have to bring water, canned goods, noodles etc for your foods and some kitchen utensils.

Please be a responsible mountaineer/ tourist, don’t leave your plastic wrappers, tin cans and garbages on the trail or in the lake area. The place is sacred for the T’boli people so respect the place.

How to go to Lake Holon

  • From General Santos City you can ride a bus going to Koronadal City- 90 pesos (2 hours drive)
  • From Koronadal City you can ride a van going to T’Boli proper- 60 pesos (1 1/2 hours drive)
  • From T’boli proper you can ride a “Habal-Habal” going to Salacafe- 100 pesos (1 1/2 hours drive)


  • Tour guide- 300 pesos for 10 persons
  • Entrance fee- 25 pesos per person

My life as a med student


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If you will ask me how miserable my life is? “Very miserable”

I already made a blog about what are the things I learned or realize during my 1st year in medical school, that was before the school year ends and now that I re-evaluated my self I just realized how miserable my life is compared to my friends and classmates that are not in the medical field.

1. We sacrificed almost all of our time to learn everything for you our future patient. We are miserable because there are so many important events in our life, in our family’s life (like birthdays, family and friends gatherings, weddings and other occasions) that we  have to sacrifice because we must finish reading 4 to 5 chapters of our lessons for the coverage of our weekly exam and take note that we have at least 3 or 4 exams per week. We are doing this so that we can give the best medical care we can offer to you.

2. We sacrificed our own health in expense of learning how to treat your’s when you get sick. Our lifestyle is ironic, we promote good health but we ourselves cannot live with it, we will tell you caffeine is not good for your system but we drunk 2 to 3 cups of coffee everyday just to stay awake during lectures because we spent the whole night reviewing for our exam. We will tell you to sleep at least 8 hours a day but we are thankful  to have at least 4 hours a day. We say don’t skip your meals, eat healthy foods but we ate fast foods (delivery) because we don’t have time to cook or go somewhere else to have descent meals.

3. We are not robots. We also have feelings and we also get tired but we have to set aside all of these to focus on our goal. Sorry to our family and friends if sometimes you felt we’re getting distant it is because we don’t even know if 24 hours a day is enough to finish everything. But we make sure that if we have extra time we are the one who will text or call or even meet you in person.

4. We don’t have the luxury of having a social life. We cannot just go wherever, whenever we want, aside from we don’t have the time to do that we also don’t have the money to spend for that.We cannot demand for something to our parents, like we cannot say I want a new phone, I want a new car I want to go abroad I want this, I want that knowing that our parents will spend almost a million for us to get that MD.

But you know, even how miserable our life is, How deprived us of almost everything we will fight for our dream to become the best physician you will have someday. I know as I go on with this journey, life for me will become more crappy and more miserable. I get scared and sometimes I lose the courage to continue this path but thinking I can help save life in the future gives me hope, gives me the courage and will to fight for my dream. My life today is miserable but I don’t care because only few were given the opportunity to study medicine thus I will endure everything. This is my passion, this is my calling.

Do Not Forget


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Last batch of recollection for this school year. This is the best time for me to internalize the things that I have done this past nine months (almost a year) in med school.  This is the time to know other people’s story and be inspired or be an inspiration to others. Also this is the time to have a break at least for a day from academics. This is the time to strengthen my relationship to God whom sometimes I forgot His existence.

The Recollection Lasallian Formation (I did this already when I was in college). Our 1st activity is getting to know each other, I introduced my self, where I came from, the origin of my name etc. Our module 1 is the life of De La Salle, we sang the song Lead me Lord

Lead me Lord, even though at times Id rather go alone my way, help me take the right direction, take your road, lead me Lord and never leave my side, All my days, All my life

Those lines reminds me when I was in 4th year college when I have so many doubts about med school. I keep asking my self if I am ready to enter medicine, I keep evaluating my knowledge, Is it enough? (parang wala naman ako natutunan for the past 4 years). So I ask God to help me decide what to do. I ask for signs, first sign is that my 2nd NMAT exam result  should be higher than my 1st. Second is, I should pass my med interview (I only applied for one med school, pag di ako pumasa so GOODBYE med school na). If these will not happen instead of going to med school I will take MS first then later medicine. It even came to a point that I consulted the guidance office because of my self-doubt. That consultation went fine, they told me that it is normal for a graduating student to be afraid of something that is ahead of us (if non med, it is normal to be afraid of the working environment), They told me that I should ask my self if worrying is worth of my time that I shouldn’t  worry something that I cannot control, she said focus on something you can control like studying for my upcoming NMAT exam and for my interview. So I follow her recommendation, my 2nd NMAT exam result is higher than my 1st (that’s the 1st sign), so I practiced my interview then I got accepted (that’s the 2nd sign). I thank God for helping me realized that worrying will lead me no where.

Next, The life of St. John Baptist De La Salle followed by reflection and sharing

1st question is the greatest risk that I have taken, I still considered going to med school the greatest risk I have taken so far. for me it is all or nothing (be a doctor or be a doctor) I didn’t see my self 5 to 10 years from now not becoming a doctor, If I don’t become a doctor, I don’t know what will I be. I saw it as a risk because I am afraid that when i reach higher year and something will happen that I will not be  a doctor and I will tell  my self  (“Sayang edi sana noon palang nag ….”) I wasted my time. Medical curriculum is made very difficult that only the best of the best will survive. Risk is everywhere, fail one subject and you will take that only subject for a year next year, fail 40 units (Anatomy- 39+, I forgot the number of units for biochem and physiology) Anatomy+ other subjects Bye medicine. Some medical school dont accept transfer students. So medicine is a risk that should be taken seriously. 

2nd question is the most difficult decision ever made, I think its not the decision I made but more on the decisions I will be making in the future. Through out 1st year I have my ups and downs in my academics (yeah I’m your typical med student, I don’t top the exams and I fail some of it) it came to a point i questioned my self, Are  all of my sacrifices worth it (see my That Thing Called Realization- Medicine version Should I continue med? But before I say NO, I step back and ask my self the reasons why i entered medicine in the first place.Its not just for me, I shouldn’t be selfish and thinking only for my self, I made these sacrifices not only for myself but also for other people, for my family and most especially for my future patients. I don’t have the right to complain now because when I become a doctor my patients will trust their lives to me, and Life is precious that whatever sacrifices you have now, It will all be worth it in the future.

We sang, recites different prayers, watch short video clips, did some icebreaker and the best part of every recollection since undergrad is FOODS.

In this recollection I also realized that sometimes when I keep on complaining about small things or small problems that it didn’t cross my mind that some people have bigger problems than I have, but they solved it and manage to even smile for other people (reklamador kasi!)

The last activity that we have for the afternoon session of the second day is DISCOVERING THE GOOD NEWS IN ME.

List your deepest and most cherished things, ideas, or values in life.

1. God

2. Family and friends

3. Medicine

4. Respect

Ideas, traits, characteristics or attitude I want to improve in myself.

Aside from changing my study habit “katamaran” (My answer every time this question is ask in every recollection that I have attended) this time I added something about “”risking something or taking risks”” since before I am afraid to try something new, afraid of something that i don’t have a control over (kinda control freak here!), afraid of something that I’m clueless of. That’s also the reason why I’m afraid of loving again because “love is something you can’t control because love is spontaneous” #HashtagHugot1. From now on, I will try to become a risk taker “life is short” to be afraid of something uncontrollable.

My personal Motto:

If you want something, all the universe will conspire in helping you achieve it. – Paulo Coelho

Stay ready, so you don’t have to get ready -Unknown

One thing I would like to have been said of me if I would die today.

You live your life to the fullest, that you have proven something.

In the end we have to shared our group sharing to everyone about the things we discovered about ourselves, how we shared our giftedness to others, what gifts did we discover among members of our group and how St. De La Salle Shared his giftedness to others.

Love your self first, because you cannot give something  that you don’t have. #HashtagHugot2

Christian love is Loving someone without expecting something in return. #Martir

Great things come in small packages

The best gift you can give to someone is your time.

Be a candle, sacrifice yourself to become a catalyst of change by inspiring  other people

The recollection ended with a mass. 

If you have problems, if you feel giving up in medicine, if you feel helpless DO NOT FORGET that in the end of the tunnel there’s always light and after Good Friday there’s always an Easter Sunday. Have fate and continue fighting!