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From someone who has done and experienced them all!

1. Climb Mt. Batur at 2am and reach the summit just at the crack of dawn.1623684_10152212365095448_5030838198299083125_n

I promise you this – you will never feel more small, yet more alive, than when you reach the summit of a mountain at 6am and watch as Indonesia wakes up below you. Flashlights in hand, you will start your journey at 2am, climbing through the night, meeting monkeys, cooking breakfast over an active natural steam duct, and settling at the top with hot coffee in hand. With the sun kissing your cheek, and your legs trembling, you will walk across black volcanic sand just as the sky is filled with cotton candy beauty, and you will have your breath absolutely taken away.

2. Get a hug from a baby elephant at Elephant Nature Park.


Though Elephants are not sacred creatures in Thailand, and are…

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