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If you will ask me how miserable my life is? “Very miserable”

I already made a blog about what are the things I learned or realize during my 1st year in medical school, that was before the school year ends and now that I re-evaluated my self I just realized how miserable my life is compared to my friends and classmates that are not in the medical field.

1. We sacrificed almost all of our time to learn everything for you our future patient. We are miserable because there are so many important events in our life, in our family’s life (like birthdays, family and friends gatherings, weddings and other occasions) that we  have to sacrifice because we must finish reading 4 to 5 chapters of our lessons for the coverage of our weekly exam and take note that we have at least 3 or 4 exams per week. We are doing this so that we can give the best medical care we can offer to you.

2. We sacrificed our own health in expense of learning how to treat your’s when you get sick. Our lifestyle is ironic, we promote good health but we ourselves cannot live with it, we will tell you caffeine is not good for your system but we drunk 2 to 3 cups of coffee everyday just to stay awake during lectures because we spent the whole night reviewing for our exam. We will tell you to sleep at least 8 hours a day but we are thankful  to have at least 4 hours a day. We say don’t skip your meals, eat healthy foods but we ate fast foods (delivery) because we don’t have time to cook or go somewhere else to have descent meals.

3. We are not robots. We also have feelings and we also get tired but we have to set aside all of these to focus on our goal. Sorry to our family and friends if sometimes you felt we’re getting distant it is because we don’t even know if 24 hours a day is enough to finish everything. But we make sure that if we have extra time we are the one who will text or call or even meet you in person.

4. We don’t have the luxury of having a social life. We cannot just go wherever, whenever we want, aside from we don’t have the time to do that we also don’t have the money to spend for that.We cannot demand for something to our parents, like we cannot say I want a new phone, I want a new car I want to go abroad I want this, I want that knowing that our parents will spend almost a million for us to get that MD.

But you know, even how miserable our life is, How deprived us of almost everything we will fight for our dream to become the best physician you will have someday. I know as I go on with this journey, life for me will become more crappy and more miserable. I get scared and sometimes I lose the courage to continue this path but thinking I can help save life in the future gives me hope, gives me the courage and will to fight for my dream. My life today is miserable but I don’t care because only few were given the opportunity to study medicine thus I will endure everything. This is my passion, this is my calling.